Building the Evidence: Why L+M+G Matters

New Webinar Series

The Leadership, Management, & Governance Project’s Monitoring, Evaluation and Research team is pleased to announce the launch of a webinar series entitled Data, Innovation, and Impact.” This webinar will present the experiences of projects and organizations that have analyzed, used, or communicated innovatively to demonstrate project results.


In the field of health, there is currently a broad consensus that better metrics and more innovative and applied research methods are needed to test and demonstrate the results of leadership, management, and governance programs and approaches on health system strengthening and public health outcomes. Under the LMG project's Monitoring, Evaluation and Research strategy, MSH, along with its  partner - the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH)  - brings a wide variety of research methods to address a range of assessment and research questions to generate different types of evidence. The LMG project's KE Strategy is designed to push evidence out and into the hands of those who need and can use it most: policy and decision makers, health providers, and health workers at all levels of the health system. 

LMG will be conducting, applied and operational research that can be used to validate evidence of LMG interventions on health system performance and health service delivery. six building blocks of health systems. LMG will continue to be at the forefront of GHI-mandated activities to develop and communicate evidence of what works to strengthen health systems through LMG interventions. 

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