Work Group Climate Assessment

  • By: Management Sciences for Health
  • Published Date: May 2005
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The purpose of the Workgroup Climate Assessment (WCA) is to analyze the work climate within a specific workgroup in a clinic, non-governmental organization, or public sector setting in developing countries. The "workgroup climate" is the prevailing workplace atmosphere as experienced by employees. A manager should focus on assessing and improving workgroup climate because positive work climate encourages and sustains employee motivation and high performance. Using the WCA, colleagues within a workgroup see the compiled results of the assessment and are encouraged to discuss and act upon the results together. Individual questions on the WCA are not meant to be analyzed separately; rather, a low work climate score shows that the team needs to improve their working relationship and high scores show that the team functions well. If scores differ significantly among individual team members, the facilitator must lead the team to examine why there are differences.