Gender Integration Index (PORTUGUESE)

  • By: Futures Group
  • Published Date: April 2010
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As a result of USAID's commitment to foster gender equity in all of its work, part of the USAID | Health Policy Initiative's (HPI) mandate is to integrate gender into its activities. To measure gender integration from office policies and procedures to program activities HPI has created this project-specific Gender Integration Index. While this tool mainly captures qualitative data that demonstrate the different ways gender is integrated into HPI activities, it will also serve as the single project-wide indicator to measure and report on the extent of gender integration in HPI s work. The minimum acceptable score for the index will be raised over time: the first year, the total number of country programs scoring 50 percent or higher will be reported; the second year, the total number of programs that score 60 percent or higher; and the third year, the number of programs that score 70 percent or higher.