Guide for Setting a Shared Strategic Direction

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  • Published Date: June 2014
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Guide for Setting a Shared Strategic Directio

Setting Strategic Direction

One of the most important practices to protect and enhance the vitality of a health service organization or agency is to establish a “strategic road map” to guide the enterprise forward. Often this strategic roadmap or plan charts a path into a future that is uncertain, with rapidly growing demands for services from communities, patients, and citizens in vulnerable and marginalized populations, and a shortage of resources (human, financial and technological). The decision-making process of designing and implementing this roadmap is referred to here as “Setting Strategic Direction.” The governing body sets the strategic direction in collaboration with organizational leadership and key stakeholders, and once the directions is set, it is primarily the responsibility of the management to realize it.
To improve your potential to accomplish the governing practice of setting strategic direction, six tasks are
considered essential for your success:
  1. Define the population health goals
  2. Establish a shared vision among key stakeholders
  3. Enable leadership in the organization
  4. Create a successful strategic plan
  5. Implement the strategic plan
  6. Report progress
Several tools and resources to support your implementation of these tasks are provided in the Appendix of this guide. In the guide, “you” should be interpreted as you - working with your governing body and the senior management team.