Clinical Governance in Support of Senior Health Managers for the NNPC Health System

By James A. Rice, Ph.D.

Dr. Jim Rice, Project Director the LMG Project was recently invited by the ANADACH group and the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to explore modern tools for process mapping and process improvement for enhanced health system strengthening and better outcomes.

Health systems strengthening demands a sharper focus on clinical quality. The discipline approach to guide and manage health services quality is now referred to globally as “clinical governance.”

To explore modern practices and principles of clinical governance, over 20 senior managers of the health system for employees and dependents of the NNPC recently met in Abuja. The learning experience adapted process improvement techniques from Japan, the US and the UK to the depot health posts, medical clinics and hospitals. When health system managers of the NNPC examine ways to improve their clinical outcomes through modern clinical governance, they recognize the importance of having access to a reliable supply of medicines to help protect, promote and restore health after injury or illness in their oil and gas sites.

The importance of providing training and implementation stems from its large workforce of 10,000 employees, 50,000 dependents and 8,000 retirees, all covered under the NNPC health system. To improve clinical quality for this large amount, modern clinical governance asks diverse teams of health professionals to define their current processes for service delivery, and then to map out new ways to improve and streamline service delivery to meet quality outcome standards. A technique for process mapping borrowed from LEAN process improvement often used by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement.

For more information on guidelines on clinical governance can be found here: