LMG Signs MOU with the International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP)

Photo: Rui Pires

The Leadership, Management & Governance (LMG) Project signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in April 2014 with the International Youth Alliance on Family Planning (IYAFP) to advance work in elevating the voices of young leaders for more accessible youth friendly services.

IYAFP was created at the International Conference on Family Planning in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in November, 2013, the alliance brings together young leaders from around the world to be global advocates for IYAFP’s mission, which is to establish networks with existing stakeholders to create an accessible platform that will allow global youth leaders to contribute voices and vision to the international dialogue on family planning and sexual and reproductive health.

The LMG Project looks forward to furthering IYAFP’s mission by investing in new generations of health sector leaders and supporting the voices of these young advocates as vision-setters for the Post-2015 development agenda. Together, LMG and IYAFP will collaborate on family planning advocacy events, a “Youth Leader Portal” on MSH’s LeaderNet, and building IYAFP’s financial systems as they launch activities.