Leadership and Management Intervention Assessment Report

  • Published Date: September 2015
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At the core of health leadership and management capacity building is a suite of leadership and management interventions that are adopted and/or adapted and applied through carefully facilitated processes by trained facilitators and experts in organizational development, leadership and management. These interventions have been applied with teams across organizations (government and non-government), levels (health facility, hospitals, Ministry of Health and Country Coordinating Mechanisms) and countries. The interventions are usually applied over six months to one year, and are usually, if not always, accompanied by technical assistance, mentoring, and coaching during the implementation period.

The Leadership, Management, and Governance Project commissioned an external assessment of two leadership and management interventions that support institutional strengthening and team-based approaches: the Leadership Development Program (LDP) and the Institutional Strengthening Program (ISP). The assessment of these two interventions aimed to ascertain their benefits for participants and consequent results for broader stakeholders.

This assessment found evidence that both the LDP and the ISP as implemented in Nepal and Southern Africa for the former, and Kenya and Southern Africa for the latter – through facilitated capacity development, accompanying TA, and mentoring and coaching – have strengthened the institutional capacity of non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, community based organizations, and local government agencies. Beneficiaries shared that the interventions have resulted in a wide range of individual, organizational, and health service delivery outcomes including improving the reach and quality of services, achieved time savings, and increased revenue.