Development, Institutionalization, and Scale up of Leadership, Management, and Governance Practices in the Health Sector - Lessons and Results from Ethiopia

  • By: Jemal Mohammed and Temesgen Workayehu
  • Published Date: December 2015
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Too often, graduates of medical, nursing, or other professional schools complete their pre-service training programs and enter their posts unprepared to deal with a variety of challenges that face them.

These can include leading a team of health workers to solve problems in their workplace, mobilizing community groups to participate in health campaigns, developing budgets, monitoring essential medicines, and uniting political leaders around a vision for improving services.

Their pre-service training curricula focused on technical skills that could produce excellent clinicians, but ignored these health professionals' confidence and apptitude as leaders and managers.

This technical brief shares the lessons and results of an innovative process that was used to pilot and scale up the harmonization and institutionalization of leadership,
management, and governance curricula in Ethiopia’s health sector.