“Midwives: Leading Communities to Better Health” - A Panel on L+M+G Certificate Training for Midwives

By Katie Martin

The lack of leadership, management, and governance (L+M+G) training for midwives in sub-Saharan Africa has been identified as a bottleneck for the effective and efficient delivery of reproductive health and family planning services, as well as the reduction of maternal and infant mortality. The USAID-funded Leadership, Management & Governance (LMG) project, led by Management Sciences for Health (MSH), worked with Amref Health Africa to address this service delivery constraint by building a practical experiential-learning course that aims to ensure that every African midwifery services manager be an agent of transformative leadership in their workplaces.

Participants in L+M+G Certificate Course for Midwives, Malaw. Photo Courtesy of Emmah Muraguri, Amref

The L+M+G Certificate Course for Midwives is an in-service 5-day intensive course for midwife managers to learn L+M+G skills and apply them in identifying and addressing a real workplace challenge. The course content is informed by a skill gap assessment among practicing midwife managers conducted by the LMG Project and Amref Health Africa. Six central L+M+G areas were reported to be the most important for professional preparation and are at the foundation of the L+M+G Certificate Course for Midwives:

  • Team work and communication 
  • Advocacy
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Database management and decision making
  • Change management
  • Strategic problem solving processes

To date, Amref-trained facilitators have delivered the course to 48 midwives in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, and Uganda. These participants are currently in the second phase of training, which involves implementation of a 6-month challenge project for achieving maternal, neonatal, and child health improvements in their local work stations. On July 10, midwife representatives from each of these five countries will present on their experiences in this course at a panel titled “Midwives: Leading Communities to Better Health” in Nairobi, Kenya at the Amref International Training Centre from 10:00am-12:00pm (EAT).

This event will serve as a venue for the midwives to network, share lessons learned, and plan for a virtual graduate network for midwives who complete the certificate course. In addition, the panel and associated activities with our partners and other implementing organizations will help to generate interest in the certificate course as it is scaled up to Francophone Africa during LMG’s Project Year 4.

We invite you to join us at the “Midwives: Leading Communities to Better Health” panel, by RSVPing to Sarah Lindsay at slindsay@msh.org or Katie Martin at kmartin@msh.org. If you cannot join us in Nairobi, please contribute to the conversation on Twitter using #MidwivesLead.   

Date: July 10, 2014

Location: Amref Health Africa International Training Centre, Nairobi, Kenya

Time: 10:00am-12:00pm PM (EAT)

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