Mission & Strategy

The Mission of the LMG Project

The Leadership, Management, and Governance Project (LMG) improves leadership, management and governance practices to strengthen health systems and improve health for all, including vulnerable populations worldwide.

The Importance of Inspired Leadership, Sound Management, and Transparent Governance

In many resource-poor settings, physicians or nurses are often the most educated or highly trained and are given responsibility for managing a local hospital clinic, or other health facility.  Although they are often well-trained clinically, they often do not have the basic management, logistics, governance, or other skills needed to help ensure that the facility is run successfully.

The Leadership, Management, and Governance (LMG) project collaborates with health leaders at all levels to improve leadership, management and governance practices to create stronger health systems and improved health for all, including some of the world’s most vulnerable populations.

The LMG project achieves these objectives by:

  • Promoting enhanced performance improvement processes for individuals and teams that is driven by country leadership
  • Using participatory processes and gender-aware approaches that enable health leaders and policy-makers to address their own challenges, and achieve results
  • Building and using evidence-based approaches
  • Leveraging partnerships through public and private investments in leadership, management and governance for greater health gains worldwide

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